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"Don't write merely to be understood.
Write so that you can't possibly be misunderstood."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends

I'll be the first to admit that I suck at self-motivating. At least when it comes to writing. When it comes to eating chocolate, reading novels or procrastinating any activity that prevents me from eating chocolate or reading novels, the merest suggestion is sufficient to motivate me. That's why I love a good writing challenge. It's time once again for the quarterly challenge, hosted by the lovely and talented Tristi Pinkston.

After struggling all last year with The Slave Knight, and not making much progress, I've decided to take a break and work on something else. I'm going back to a novel that I started about four years ago called The Veil of Armathad. I usually refer to it as just "Armathad." I pantsed my way through about 30000 words and had to sell my house, leave the state and buy another house. Nothing kills great noveling momentum like an abrupt relocation. My goal for this quarter's challenge is to read through my 30K and plot out what I've got so far. I need to finish plotting out this book and possibly begin plotting books two and three. Yeah. I dream big. With a little help from my friends and the writing challenges they throw at me, I might just end up with a high fantasy trilogy.

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