Writing Quote

"Don't write merely to be understood.
Write so that you can't possibly be misunderstood."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yeah, yeah, yeah; I know!

So much for me being a more reliable blogger. Sorry 'bout that. I haven't had much time for the blogosphere lately. But I wanted to pop in really quickly and mention a few things. First, November is but 4 days away. I'm hoping my life will be turned up-side-down with much NaNoWriMo fun and terror. I've got an outline in the works and will hopefully be able to bust out a brilliant piece of fiction without too much crud in it. Interested in trying it out this year? Here's the link.
Also I was led to a nifty little writer's network that I wanted to share with you all. Check out the iWriteNetwork. Create a profile. Join a group or two. Meet some like-minded, inky-fingered yarn spinners. It seems to be a fairly new gig, but there is already a crazy amount of fun going on there. 'Kay, I'll see in you November for some NaNo updates.