Writing Quote

"Don't write merely to be understood.
Write so that you can't possibly be misunderstood."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

checking in...

Tonight I'm basking in being done with all my major school projects. It's smooth sailing from here until finals in a couple weeks. But I'm not worried about that. In the mean time, I've cleared up two notes on my WIP and I have three days to do 28 more if I'm going to reach my writing goal by the end of the month.
I am so tired. All. The. Time.

I think it's my allergies. Or my allergy medication.

But I won't go into all that, except to say I have a theory I'm trying and hopefully it will help me be a little more awake so I can write the way I want to. So many things can get in the way of writing. The biggest problem is that I love writing, but I usually love all the things that keep me from writing, too- except the dishes; I definitely don't love the dishes. That's been my constant struggle lately: to find time for all the things I love.

I hope your writing goals and your life goals are in better harmony with each other than mine are right now.

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