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"Don't write merely to be understood.
Write so that you can't possibly be misunderstood."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Saturday, October 30, 2010

almost there

I got 610 words today. AND I got my silly hate poem written. It really isn't much and it's definitely not my best work. In fact, I'm not sure it's quite done. I'll probably tweak it a bit so I can get the meter to flow easier. But the beast is slain and that's the important part. I'll skin it later on.
I must admit, I'm a little nervous about next month now. This month has gone pretty well, but the required word count is pretty low. 1667 words is a lot more than 250. And to tell the truth, I'm feeling a little burned out on writing. I'm just not used to doing it every day, see? I'm hoping, HOPING, that starting a new project will perk me up again. And taking a few weeks off from my current WIP will get me excited about finishing it up, right? RIGHT??
So one more day of NPI and then on to NaNoWriMo!!

And now, without further ado, my ridiculous hate poem.

If I were a different sort of man,
The sort that lives by passion alone,
I’d find no greater pleasure than
In stripping your flesh from your bone.

A shadow, a shadow would dance above
The grass covered mound with your name.
Oh, don’t you know that the shadow ’d be mine.
Yes, I’d waltz on your grave with no shame.

Alas, I’m a God-fearer now
And I can’t just follow my heart.
So I’ll tip you my hat and I’ll bow
Until the day we forever part.

And a shadow, a shadow will dance above
The grass covered mound with your name.
For you know that shadow will be mine
As I waltz on your grave with no shame.

note: this is actually a song in the book, written for a man's voice

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  1. Excellent poem! When I read it at first, I don't know why, an image of a zombie came to mind and I don't even like zombie's because they scare me. Anyway, I thought that might give you a laugh! :D